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Tactical Flying Book

By Kevin Means

The author captures the intricate nuances of the unique and specialized profession of airborne law enforcement. He successfully summarizes the tactical excellence needed to transform the science and technology of police air support into a masterful art.

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Law Enforcement Aviation Coalition

Tactical Flying is a significant part of our continued mission success in locating the fleeing and lost, maneuvering for pursuits, all while increasing our level of flight and unit safety. Cyndi’s legal course has educated our entire chain of command, and Kevin teaches a powerful course in tactics and FLIR work that is second to none.

Dan Bitton & Kevin MeansWith over 30 years of LE flight experience I feel qualified to state that Kevin Means’ instruction reduces our internal flight crew training time significantly, which saves us many flight hours. The money saved more than covers the cost of the training.

The manner in which Kevin Means teaches tactical orbits in all situations, with emphasis on aviation safety and maintaining contact with suspects in confined areas has resulted in our crews being able to better direct ground units to suspects. Simply put, without Kevin’s tactical class we would have lost many suspects. Mission success equates to continued operations and budgetary support.

While we’ve gained substantial experience since Kevin Means first taught his course, we choose to bring Kevin back every other year to advance our tactical abilities and train new crewmembers. Without exception, our entire unit looks forward to training with Kevin and we always conclude the training feeling safer and more proficient. Tactical Flying offers a service critically needed in our industry. As a unit, we’re glad to have this level of professional training and we offer our unwavering endorsement of Tactical Flying!

Dan Bitton, Commander
LEAC, Inc.
Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

Victoria Police, Australia

Kevin Means’ Tactical Flying course has provided our crew members and pilots with thermal imaging and airborne law enforcement training that has truly helped us perform our missions more effectively. We fly fixed-wing surveillance missions, but many of the concepts and thermal imaging tactics still apply to our missions.

I believe that any aviation unit could benefit from this training. Kevin’s emphasis on safety and tactical effectiveness are right on target, and the 3-D motion graphics, combined with actual video examples makes the training concepts easy to understand. We plan to have Kevin Means back as soon as possible.

Duncan Merrillees, Acting Sergeant
Victoria Police, Australia

New South Wales Police Force

Kevin training in New South WalesI had the absolute pleasure of attending your conference at Parramatta in March, 2012. A lthough the conference was directed more at the pilot and tactical flight officer, your course has given me an appreciation of what occurs up in the air.

I have been a dog handler with the New South Wales Police Dog Unit for 23 years, and I really took away a lot of information that you delivered through the couple of days you were here. I always appreciate listening to someone that walks the walk, so to speak. I was particularly fascinated with the FLIR technology, and I have had some success on the ground as a result of our flight staff using it. Anyway, I could go on and on. Champion effort mate. Stay safe up there.

Tony Irons, Sergeant
New South Wales Police Force
State Protection Group
Dog Unit

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

I had the opportunity to attend Kevin Means' advanced thermal imaging and tactics class at the Pacific Northwest Airborne Law Enforcement Conference. It was by far one of the most valuable airborne law enforcement classes I have ever had the opportunity to attend. Kevin's presentation was in-depth and impressive, and the 3-Dimensional graphics were very helpful in driving home instructional points. I would highly recommend this class to any tactical air support unit – especially those who utilize thermal imagers.

Chief Tactical Flight Officer
Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

Matthew Stanton Endorsement

I got involved in a pursuit the day after I attended this course. In the past it would have been quite a handful, but after attending the course and applying the tactics taught in the classroom, it was an absolute piece of cake. I was vigilant in my orbits, and my TFO did everything to the letter (IE: field of view, good communication with ground troops, etc.).

We debriefed the flight today with everyone and took a lot of positives out of it. We had another classic FLIR job last night, and it was a textbook operation from all the guys. As a result, we put three more bad guys in the lock up. I really can’t say enough about the successes we are having since completing the course. This works!

Matthew Stanton

Paul Gibson - Heliwest

Mate, many thanks for your valuable training over the past 3 days with the Western Austrailia Police Air Wing. As a new pilot to police operations, it has given me a great insight and head start into this new flying role.

I spoke with my Heliwest and Queensland Police colleagues today, who attended your course in Sydney, and they were equally complimentary.

Paul Gibson
CAR 217 Training and Checking Captain
Head of Airworthiness and Maintenance Control