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Matthew Zdunich

Tactics Instructor

Matthew Zdunich is a 20-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department and currently assigned to the Air Support Unit. He was selected as a TFO in 2011 and became a Unit pilot in 2015. With over 2,500 hours in each seat (pilot and TFO), he has over 5,000 flight hours in the police helicopter. He earned his flight instructor rating (CFI) in 2018 and is now an Instructor Pilot and TFO trainer.

In his 10 years of street experience, working a wide variety of proactive enforcement team assignments, he was a Field Training Officer, SWAT officer, undercover narcotic detective and patrol supervisor before moving to the Air Support Unit. He has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree from the University of California - San Diego), a Masters Degree in Public Administration from National University, and is a graduate of Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. This varied background of both street tactics and classroom learning has help him tailor his teaching style to match each student’s style of learning in the helicopter.

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