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Nick Byrd

Tactics Instructor

Nick Byrd has been a police officer in San Jose, CA, for over 20-years. Nick is currently assigned to the Air-Support Unit as a commercial pilot/tactical flight officer for both fixed-wing and rotor. He has extensive experience in instructing and developing training for a variety of tactics along with currently being the department’s use of force expert.

Nick’s previous assignments throughout his career include K9 officer/team-leader and lead in-house K9 trainer, team leader for the full-time swat team, and several other collateral special operations assignments. Nick teaches at the academy, he runs and develops tactical training for patrol and special operations units, and has been on numerous committees developing protocols and policies for different tactics throughout the department and county. Nick brings a significant amount of expertise in operational experience and teaching in tactical situations and covert apprehension/surveillance. Nick is uniquely skilled in applying the latest tactics in patrol and high-risk situations to the airborne law enforcement community.

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