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Nick Minx


As owner of Tactical Flying , Nick Minx manages day-to-day operations while playing an active role in training and development. A sworn officer for over 17 years with San Diego Police Department, Nick was assigned to SDPD’s Air Support Unit as a Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) in 2012, and has since become certified as a Helicopter Pilot. He has over 3,000 combined hours working both seats in an aircraft, and continues to hone his skills as a tactical operator and a cooperative member of an aircrew.

Nick gained valuable law enforcement experience through a wide variety of assignments throughout his career, including street patrol, Beach Enforcement, Field Training, and the Gang Suppression Team. He has working knowledge of navigating unique environments, anticipating criminal behavior, and the special considerations associated with operating as a law enforcement officer in the field.

In particular, Nick has always been fascinated by the study of suspect behavior. Using incident videos and FLIR finds, he compiles data to track patterns of movement in fleeing suspects, and applies this information toward the continuous improvement of techniques and training in suspect searches.

Nick is a member of the Airborne Public Safety Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and is certified as a pilot in the Airbus AS350B3, the Airbus H125, and the Schweizer 300 Trainer. He is proficient in the use of a wide variety of tactical aviation equipment including FLIR 230, 8500, and 380HDc, Aerocomputers processors, Avalex Map Systems, ANVIS-9 night vision goggles (NVGs), and Fujinon Stabiscope binoculars.

As part of Tactical Flying , Nick has provided instruction to tactical flight operators in both domestic and international settings, with clients ranging from military and law enforcement officers to federal agencies.

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